Tip # 82 – Rods for Deep Sea Fishing


It’s obvious you need a fishing rod when you go fishing. However, there is a catch when you are going to opt for deep sea fishing. The fishing rod you choose should be good enough to withstand the pressure of the big fish generally caught during deep sea fishing. Salt water has corrosive properties and, as a result, your fishing rod must be able to resist it.

When it’s comes to deep sea fishing, the fish can weigh as much as 1,000 pounds. The fishing rod should be strong enough to be able to handle that load. The manufacturers generally designate these rods as having extra heavy action.

Remember one thing, as deep sea fishing rods are heavy, anchoring them can prove to be a tough task. Try to hold the fully outfitted rod horizontally from underneath the rod and keep your fingers flat. It is important the rig balances for a moment and after that it will lift to one side or another.

There are numerous brands providing deep sea fishing rods. However, these deserve special mention: Abu Garcia, Accurate, ANDE, Black Bart Blue Water, Black Hole, Bluefin, Crowder, Daiwa, Fox Sport, G-Loomis, Ocean Tackle International, Okuma, Penn, Pinnacle, Quantum, etc.


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