Tip # 81 – Lake Fishing Tips

lake fishing

More than 3 million people enjoy fishing in the lakes of Canada every year and there are over 200 different species of fish thriving in this amazing country. Canada is home to various fishing lodges, fishing charters and numerous campgrounds – all of these combined are bound to make your fishing experience awesome. Some of the fish you can expect in the lakes of Canada are: Chinook, Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Pike, Walleye, Steelhead, etc.

While trying out lake fishing, you can try any of the following boats (Please note, many lakes in Canada don’t allow motor boats and some of the following can prove to be good alternatives):

Aluminum Fishing Boats: These are small, durable and lightweight. These boats can easily be operated in the fish-friendly places, such as coves, shallow water or inlets.

Bass Boats: These are low, sleek and you can easily fish with a few anglers on board. These can be as small as 16 feet and are ideal for lake fishing.

Flat Boats: These small boats are a good option for fishing in lakes. Two to three people can get on board when it comes to flats boats and you can even run it in water less than two feet deep.

Dinghies: These are around 10 feet in length and you can carry it right on top of your car.

Walkarounds: Perfect for fishing with your family members, these have livewells, rod holders and steps to the forward deck, thereby making it easy for you to follow a big fish.

Some fishing equipment you will need while going lake fishing in Canada: medium strength fishing rod, matching spinning reel, bait, lures, etc.


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