Tip # 80 – Packing for a Fishing Trip

Do you love fishing? If yes, there won’t be a better option for you to spend your weekend with a fishing trip with your family members and close friends. If you are thinking about what to pack for your fishing trip at a cottage, you must be aware of one fact first – you don’t need to tie a boat to your vehicle. This will most likely be provided by the place where you rent a boat. Off course, you need a valid fishing license to obtain a boat.


In most cases, you need to wake up early in the morning to leave for your fishing trip. So, if you are a late riser, make sure to have your alarm clock beside you when you go to sleep.

When it comes to clothes, it depends on the weather of the place where you are going to fish and the length of the trip. You have to carry your set of fishing equipment, such as lures, bait, fishing line, rods, poles, etc. Try to keep the equipment separately from where you keep your food (You are most likely to be provided with food right at the cottage where you stay, but still need to pack something to eat during fishing).

Some other items required to be packed are: a first aid kit, flashlights, bug spray, sunscreen, sunglasses, matches, navigational gear, etc.


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