Tip # 79 – Fishing Reels for Lake Fishing


Fishing reels vary depending on their size and strength and you will definitely not require something very expensive or strong when you go out lake fishing. You still need something of quality though; and it is important to check out the specifications (You will find these details right in the box or sometimes in the reel itself). In general, three different types of lake fishing reels are available:

Baitcasting: In this case, the spool turns when you cast and hence, controlling it may become difficult.

Spincast: In this case, the reel has a closed face and all the important parts are inside the nose cone. There is a small hole in the cover where the line comes out. It is very easy to use.

Spinning: Probably the most popular of the three, this has an open face. These are easier to use compared to baitcasting reels and accuracy is not sacrificed as in the case of spincast reels. The line capacity is pretty good too.

Some of the most popular brands selling fishing reels are: Shakespeare, Ron Thompson, TFGear, Abu Garcia, Okuma, Mitchell, Wychwood, Shimano, NGT, Ikonix etc. The prices vary depending on the specifications and quality. You can expect one between $25 and $60.


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