Tip # 78 – Make Sure Your Line Fits the Job

Are you on the lookout for fishing line for lake fishing? Well, for most, braided lines make the first choice. These are strong and contain thin strands bound together to form a line with thin diameter and pretty low stretch. If you are looking to catch the big fish, it’s good to go for a 40 to 50 pound test braided line. These braids generally have the diameter of 10 pound monofilament and that’s something that makes the fishing line perfect for catching big fish. However, there is a downside as big fish, many times, may be able to see the fishing line.

fishing line

On the other hand, there are fluorocarbon lines which retract light rays and don’t reflect at all. This characteristic is very different from that of the monofilament lines. Hence fish will probably not be able to see the fluorocarbon lines and it will be easier for the anglers to use this line and get a bite. Depending on the fish you intend to catch, you may only need 4-5 pound test line.

When it comes to the diameter of the fishing line, this should again vary depending on the type of fish you intend to catch. In general, it is between 3 and 7 millimeters in diameter. Remember, to catch small fish in fresh water, you should be opting for the fluorocarbon light fishing line. If you are looking for the big fish while fishing in the lakes, the braided lines may be a better choice.


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