Tip # 76 – Deep Sea Fishing Reels

Deep sea fishing reels are unlike regular fishing reels, they need to be strong, should have high resistivity and should come with a proper set of hooks. Without a good fishing reel, you won’t be able to keep up with the big deep sea fish, and will lose out when trying to reel in big game. Some of the components of deep sea fishing reels are the handle, bail, spool, drag and multiplier.

When you go for deep sea fishing, it’s very likely you will go through rough conditions. So, you need fishing reels that are durable and can withstand rough water. Though depending on the roughness of sea, and the type of fish you intend to catch, the deep sea fishing reel can be different. Here are the different types of reel: spinning reel, trolling reel, multiplier reel and bait casting reel.

Consider these facts before buying deep fishing reels

fishing reel

Maintenance: If you don’t clean the fishing reel properly (The salt should be removed after deep sea fishing), it will probably rust within a few weeks.
Fish Type: You should decide the specific type of fish you are hoping to catch before you go deep sea fishing. If you are planning to catch the big fish, it’s important to buy a robust deep fishing reel.
Multiplier Ratio: This is important and this varies depending on the type of fish you are going to catch and the type of rod being used.
A deep sea fishing reel may cost anything between $700 and $1600 depending on your exact requirements and the quality you desire.


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