Tip # 75 – Deep Sea Fishing Line

Deepseafishing line

Deep sea fishing is unlike the traditional shipping done along the coast, requiring special material for proper execution. First thing first, for deep sea fishing, you need proper fishing line. The fishing line in case of deep sea fishing is generally heavier (It weighs around 80 lbs. most of the time, however can be as much as 150 lbs. in certain scenarios). Other expected characteristics of deep sea fishing line are mentioned below:

The fishing line should be coated with an element so friction is reduced. Apart from that, the line surface should be smooth enough as well. With this, the UV and abrasion resistance are enhanced and water absorption is slowed down.

The spool memory should be less and it should resist the twists and coils.

The stretch should be as little as possible. This helps in making the hook sets clean, strong and positive.

The fishing line should be colour-coded.

Thickness should be somewhere between 0.50 mm – 0.60 mm. However, it can be a little bit more depending on your exact requirement and location of deep sea fishing.

Cost of deep sea fishing line generally varies with the length and, in general, 500 meters should cost you something between $20 and $30. Deep sea fishing lines generally cost more than the other fishing lines available due to the strength, resistance power and material used in making the line.


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