Tip # 63 – Essential Ice Fishing Tackle – The Bare Minimum For Ice Fishing

Often enough, we try to make sure we are fully prepared for an Ice Fishing trip.  This can mean that we over purchase on ice fishing tackle, when really this is one of the simplest forms of fishing.  Anglers tend to bring far too much gear with them, and rarely does everything get used on a single outing, let alone throughout an entire season.  There are just a few essential tackle items that you need for successful Ice Fishing trips.

Essential Tackle for Ice Fishing

  • Jigs – a variety of colours, and make sure you have some glow in the dark jigs in the mix.
  • Spoons – Williams jigging spoons such as the williams whitefish.  Just a couple of these will do
  • Spreaders – Great for whitefish, ice fishing spreaders should be part of your ice fishing tackle list
  • Tube Jigs – these are an excellent choice for fishing lake trout through the ice.  Salted or unsalted tube jigs will do.
  • Hooks and Sinkers – Have a variety of sizes of both hooks and sinkers in your arsenal

Filmed on Lake Temagami, Ontario at Tamar Vacations.


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