Tip # 6 – Make Sure Your Hooks Are Sharpened

One of the key things in having consistent hookups is ensuring that your hooks are always as sharp as they should be.  Out fishing, if you are getting a decent number of bites, but hookups are fewer than they should be, it is probably wise to check your hook point.

Countless scenarios we find ourselves in are guaranteed to lead to dull hooks.  Those of us fishing jigs or mister twister style grubs are going to be doing alot of bottom bouncing and drop shotting.  Naturally, we’ll be bumping our weighted jig off of various items on the bottom.  Everytime that hook point catches on something, or bumbs a rock or something else the hook point will be affected.  Fly fishers need to pay constant attention to the hooks on their flies.  When casting, its pretty common to hit a rock or tree branches behind you without even knowing its happened.  At best, this results in bending, or otherwise causing the hook to become dull.  The same thing goes when flies are bouncing along the bottom like when we are steelhead fishing with tiny egg and nymph patterns along the bottom of a stream.  The fly is ticking itself off of rocks potentially dulling the hook.  Using spinners and body baits will result in their fair share of dulled hooks as well, after getting snagged on bottom, or snagged on logs and downed trees that big bass, pike and musky like to call home.

The lesson here folks……Always have some sort of device on your person or in your tacklebox to give your hooks a quick sharpening.  Sharpening stones are one of the best methods, and are the preffered method for myself and many of the people I fish with.  There are also some neat hook sharpening devices available from tackle shops to serve the same purpose.  Whichever method you decide is best, be sure to have your hook sharpener available!


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