Tip # 56 – The Best YouTube Fishing Tips Channels

Youtube has a massive amount of free fishing videos.  I’ll admit, its very easy to spend an hour or two watching free fishing videos, and it is definitely time well wasted in my opinion.  Here’s a list I’ve put together of my favourite fishing channels on Youtube.com.

Free Fishing Tip Videos

  1. Daily Fishing Tips Channel – Thats right!  Our own channel on youtube is packed full of awesome fishing tips.  Stop by and subscribe today so you don’t miss a single one of our video fishing tips.
  2. Mad Fisher Channel – Focused mainly on Fly Fishing, the Mad Fisher channel has some awesome tips for the beginning and advanced fishermen.  You can also check out the Bingo Bango Fishing Show.  Its been called the ‘Honest Fishing Show’  for a reason!
  3. Facts of Fishing Channel – Dave Mercer has a hilarious fishing show on cable TV.  He’s known as Canadas Fishing Funny Man for good reason.  On the Facts of Fishing Youtube channel, you can expect short, funny, fishing related videos from Dave Mercer.
  4. ROADSNAKE90ROADSNAKE Channel – These guys are absolute fishing geeks!  Just 2 average weekend anglers with average angling skills catchin a few fish and enjoying the great outdoors.   We’re no experts but we know a little about a lot of different types of fishing.
  5. Set The Hook Productions – These young dudes produce some excellent videos.  Were no pros but we know something about fishing. If you are ever wondering about rigging info and different things regarding fishing pm us or post a comment to our page here and we will do our very best to answer as well as we can

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