Tip # 51 – Rockybrook sinkers “green” friendly limestone sinkers

The world of fishing is ever innovating.  New, nifty products hit our favourite tackle shops daily.  One such new product is the stealthy Rockybrook Sinkers.

If you do any drop shotting, bottom bouncing, or still fishing, you know that your choices of bottom weights can be somewhat limited.  Beyond those limitations, you are usually confined to lead based weights, which aren’t necessarily the best choice, either environmentally or for your own health.

Rockybrook has come up with an interesting new line of sinkers.  These new sinkers are made of limestone, with an attached wire loop for fastening to your line or snap swivel.  Their unique shapes account for far less lost sinkers due to snags and other bottom related hang ups.

Many provincial and state laws do not permit the use of lead weights for fishing.  Now you’ve got an option that is quite literally rock solid!

Check out more at:  http://www.rockybrooksinkers.com/


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