Tip # 21 – Go Fishing On Nasty Stormy Days

Alrighty folks, this is a big one.  More-so applicable to the fall runs of migratory salmon and trout species.  Its always fun to get out on the river, but what isn’t fun is fishing combat style.  You know, you feel like you should be wearing a helmet, knee pads, shoulder pads and possibly even a jock depending on the day!

It doesn’t have to be like that though!  Many people who get out in the fall and spring for migratory trout and salmon are fair weather fishermen.  They have no interest in being out when the wind is blowing like mad, the rain is torrential and snow and sleet are on the horizon.

Thankfully, these conditions are exactly what these migratory species are waiting for when they stage at river mouths and in estuaries.  They’ll stack up there by the hundreds if not thousands waiting for the perfect conditions, usually either directly after or during a massive rain storm.  Waiting for the river to rise and become a dark shade of brown when they can easily move under cover.

Bait fisherman are particularly lucky at these times.  Reduced visibility in the stream will lead fish to use their sense of smell more than anything else when looking for a quick meal.  If using spawn, consider tying up very large spawn sacs or roe bags at least the size of a quarter, if not bigger.  Fly and lure fishermen will benefit from using large flies.  Usually large dark coloured flies and lures will be more visible when the water is off colour.

Further reading on this subject can be found on the Fly Fish Ontario website.  Paul Masur wrote an excellent article last year for Fly Fish Ontario titled Blown Rivers and Steelhead.

Tight Lines!

Steelhead caught on a blown river

Steelhead caught on a blown river


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