Fishing Tip # 5 – Use Polarized Sunglasses To Cut Glare

One of the biggest problems faced by fishermen is the sun.  Bright days mean one heck of a glare off of the waters surface, making it nearly impossible to see anything under the water.  We all know that being able to see the fish you are after makes it that much easier, not to mention that much more interesting.  Polarized sun glasses will offer you the benefit of cutting out that glare and being able to see through the water.

It will probably come as no surprise that you get what you pay for with polarized sunglasses.  There are cheaper, generic brands of polarized shades available at a very affordable price.  Rapala for example makes a pair of glasses that are very affordable, and don’t get me wrong, they definitely do the trick.  At about 20 buck a pair, having them fall off your face and disappear into the depths of the water won’t hurt quite as much as say losing a hundred dollar pair of foster grant glass lens polarized sunglasses.

The cheaper brands typically use plastic lenses that scratch up quite easily.  One the lenses are scratched, visibility is greatly reduced and you’ll find yourself needing to replace them pretty soon.  Proper care will extend the life of your sunglasses.  When not in use, keep them in a soft fabric pouch, and not on your dashboard where they will be rolling around and scratching up.  When I’m out on the water, I keep my shades tethered to myself with a piece of string suited for the purpose.  This keeps me from anchoring the glasses to my hat, which again will result in scratches on the lenses.  Instead, the string allows the glasses to dangle from my neck with less chance of something scratching them up.  The string also keeps them safe from falling into the water and losing them entirely.

All of this really makes senses….right??  I mean, you are also wearing sunglasses anyways for safety….Right?  If not, you should be.  Flailing sharps hooks around in every direction definitely warrants eye protection!!

Tight Lines!


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