Tip # 74 – Deep Sea Fishing


Do you love the adrenaline rush you experience while deep sea fishing? If yes, the Canadian coasts may be the perfect choice for you. Please note, water depth while fishing should at least be 30 meters to be touted as deep sea fishing.

It’s important to set your expectations and make yourself aware of the different fish you can expect while deep sea fishing whether in Maritime Provinces or British Columbia:

When it comes to British Columbia, the different deep sea fish found are: Sturgeon, Salmon, Trout, Chars, Pike, Graylings, Whitefish, Tuna, Perch, Mooneyes, Codfish, Lampreys, Minnows, Smelt, Sticklebacks, Suckers, Trout, Perch, etc. If you go deep sea fishing in the Maritime Provinces, the following are the catch you can expect: Shark, Tuna, Mackerel, Lobster, Pike, Chars, Sturgeon, etc.

deep sea fishing

Different boats used for deep sea fishing

Cuddy Cabin: It contains cabin space with a sleeping birth.

Closed Bow Runabout: These are similar to bowrider, however, the bow is closed in case of closed bow runabouts.

Inboard Cruisers: Its drive mechanism is perfectly suited for deep sea fishing. It has generous cabin with a typical cabin length of 30 feet.

Multi-Hall Powerboats: Thanks to the signature multi-hall design, these are known for a softer ride.

Sport fishing Boats: These have all the necessary bells and whistles you need to find, hook and land fresh fish in deep water.

Catamarans: Here, you will find a couple of hulls. These have big main cabins and are pretty fuel-efficient.

While opting for deep sea fishing, you will need the following equipment apart from a boat: fishing rod, fishing line, hooks, sinkers, bait, needle nose pliers, line cutter, knife, etc.


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